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About Aleksandar Dogandžić

My research interests are in statistical signal processing. I received two best paper awards for the IEEE Signal Processing Society and was supported by the NSF CAREER award for promising early-career researchers.

I developed the following:
(a) detection and estimation algorithms and performance measures for array signal processing in spatially correlated noise with unknown covariance and in heavy-tailed clutter, and applied them to radar and biomedicine;
(b) algorithms for source localization and estimation of statistical properties of wireless fading channels;
(c) distributed signal processing schemes for sensor networks;
(d) defect estimation, detection, and statistical performance measures for nondestructive evaluation (NDE), with applications to ultrasonic and eddy-current data; and
(e) sparse signal recovery methods with application to X-ray computed tomography (CT) for NDE.


Present Associate Professor, Iowa State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Interests

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Contact Information

3119 Coover
Ames, IA 50011-3060
Phone: 515-294-0500
Fax: 515-294-8432


sparse signal reconstruction (16)

array signal processing (8)

X-ray CT signal processing (3)