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Numerical Integration of the Fluctuating Hydrodynamic Equations
Journal of Statistical Physics (1987)
  • Alejandro Garcia, San Jose State University
  • M. Malek Mansour
  • G. Lie
  • E. Clementi

An approach to numerically integrate the Landau-Lifshitz fluctuating hydrodynamic equations is outlined. The method is applied to one-dimensional systems obeying the nonlinear Fourier equation and the full hydrodynamic equations for a dilute gas. Static spatial correlation functions are obtained from computer-generated sample trajectories (time series). They are found to show the emergence of long-range behavior whenever a temperature gradient is applied. The results are in very good agreement with those obtained from solving the correlation equations directly.

  • integration,
  • fluctuating,
  • hydrodynamic
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Alejandro Garcia, M. Malek Mansour, G. Lie and E. Clementi. "Numerical Integration of the Fluctuating Hydrodynamic Equations" Journal of Statistical Physics Vol. 47 (1987)
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