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Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Thin Film Bearings
Physics of Fluids (1994)
  • Alejandro Garcia, San Jose State University
  • B. Alder, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • F. J. Alexander, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) scheme is used to study the gas flow under a read/write head positioned nanometers above a moving disk drive platter (the slider bearing problem). In most cases, impressive agreement is found between the particle-based simulation and numerical solutions of the continuum hydrodynamic Reynolds equation which has been corrected for slip. However, at very high platter speeds the gas is far from equilibrium, and the load capacity for the slider bearing cannot be accurately computed from the hydrodynamic pressure.

  • direct,
  • simulation,
  • film,
  • monte carlo
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Alejandro Garcia, B. Alder and F. J. Alexander. "Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Thin Film Bearings" Physics of Fluids Vol. 6 (1994)
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