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The Rise of Alternative Metrics (Altmetrics) for Research Impact Measurement
Asia Research News (2017)
  • Yii Bonn Bong, University of Malaya
  • Nader Ale Ebrahim
Altmetrics are new metrics proposed as alternatives to impact factor for journals as well as individual citation indexes (h-index). Altmetrics uses online activities to measure the impact, buzz and word of mouth for scientific information. It includes new methods to measure the usage at citation level.
  • Altmetrics,
  • Research impact measurement,
  • Research visibility,
  • Mentions,
  • Citations
Publication Date
April 3, 2017
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Bonn, B. Y., & Ale Ebrahim, N. (2017). The Rise of Alternative Metrics (Altmetrics) for Research Impact Measurement. Retrieved from
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