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Validation of an Empathy Scale in Pharmacy and Nursing Students
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
  • M. E. Kiersma
  • Aleda M.H. Chen, Cedarville University
  • K. S. Yehle
  • K. S. Plake
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Objective. To validate an empathy scale to measure empathy in pharmacy and nursing students. Methods. A 15-item instrument comprised of the cognitive and affective empathy domains, was created. Each item was rated using a 7-point Likert scale, ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Concurrent validity was demonstrated with the Jefferson Scale of Empathy – Health Professional Students (JSE-HPS). Results. Reliability analysis of data from 216 students (pharmacy, N=158; nursing, N=58) showed that scores on the empathy scale were positively associated with JSE-HPS scores (p Conclusions. Results of this study demonstrate the reliability and validity of a new scale for evaluating student empathy. Further testing of the scale at other universities is needed to establish validity.
  • Empathy,
  • nursing students,
  • pharmacy students,
  • psychometrics,
  • adult,
  • affect,
  • cognition,
  • curriculum,
  • nursing education,
  • pharmacy education,
  • factor analysis,
  • statistical,
  • female,
  • humans,
  • male,
  • nurse-patient relations,
  • professional-patient relations,
  • questionnaires,
  • reproducibility of results,
  • young adult

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M. E. Kiersma, Aleda M.H. Chen, K. S. Yehle and K. S. Plake. "Validation of an Empathy Scale in Pharmacy and Nursing Students" American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education Vol. 77 Iss. 5 (2013) p. 1 - 6 ISSN: 1553-6467
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