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About Alec Stone Sweet

I work in the fields of comparative law and politics, and international law and politics.  Most of my research focuses on how new legal systems emerge and evolve, and how older ones are transformed. The best introduction to my approach to this generic question is "Judicialization and the Construction of Governance" (written in 1996 and finally published in 1999), available below.  Books include: The Birth of Judicial Politics in France (OUP, 1992), European Integration and Supranational Governance (OUP, 1998), Governing with Judges: Constitutional Politics in Europe (OUP, 2000), The Institutionalization of Europe (OUP, 2001), The Politics of Delegation (2002), On Law, Politics, and Judicialization (OUP, 2003), The Judicial Construction of Europe (OUP, 2004), A Europe of Rights: The Impact of the ECHR on National Legal Systems (OUP, 2008); The Evolution of International Arbitration: Judicialization, Governance, Legitimacy (OUP, 2017); A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Kant, Constitutional Justice and the European Convention on Human Rights (OUP, 2018); and Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance: A Comparative and Global Approach (OUP, 2019).  Many of my scholarly papers are available on this site, as is my cv

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Present Leiter Professor of Law, Politics, and International Studies, Yale University
Present Yale Law School, Yale University

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