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Strategies and predilections in reading expository text : the importance of text patterns
RELC journal
  • Alastair Ian SHARP, Lingnan University, HK
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Journal article
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Reading and understanding a text presents a variety of processing problems for L2 learners. The organizational pattern of a text has been considered by some researchers to have an important influence in this process. This article describes an experimental study of a group of Hong Kong schoolchildren and presents evidence that learners reading in English as a second language experience unexpected comprehension problems that may be related to L1-L2 rhetorical differences. Results indicate predilections which favour particular rhetorical patterns: it is suggested that specific teaching strategies should be employed to raise reader awareness of this aspect of comprehension.

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Sharp, A. I. (2004). Strategies and predilections in reading expository text: The importance of text patterns. RELC Journal, 35(3), 329-349. doi: 10.1177/0033688205052145