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Legal Theory From the Regulative Point of View
Cumberland Law Review (2013)
  • Alani Golanski
I argue that a concept of law that assigns primacy to the regulative role fulfilled by legal systems is best suited for explaining law’s discrete practice areas.  This regulative point of view facilitates the development of a concept of law capable of cohering with theories of discrete legal areas.  This posted paper revises the originally published Cumberland Law Review version.
  • dworkin,
  • ronald dworkin,
  • legal theory,
  • jurisprudence,
  • scott shapiro,
  • h.l.a. hart,
  • concept of law,
  • constructive interpretation,
  • legal system,
  • concept of a legal system,
  • instituional philosophy,
  • philosophy of law,
  • john searle
Publication Date
Fall 2013
Citation Information
Alani Golanski. "Legal Theory From the Regulative Point of View" Cumberland Law Review Vol. 44 (2013)
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