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The ‘actually existing smart city’
Cambridge Journal of Region, Economy, Society (2015)
  • Alan Wiig
  • Taylor Shelton, Georgia Tech
  • Matthew Zook, University of Kentucky
This paper grounds the critique of the ‘smart city’ in its historical and geographical context. Adapting Brenner and Theodore’s notion of ‘actually existing neoliberalism’, we suggest a greater attention be paid to the ‘actually existing smart city’, rather than the exceptional or paradigmatic smart cities of Songdo, Masdar and Living PlanIT Valley. Through a closer analysis of cases in Louisville and Philadelphia, we demonstrate the utility of understanding the material effects of these policies in actual cities around the world, with a particular focus on how and from where these policies have arisen, and how they have unevenly impacted the places that have adopted them.
  • smart city,
  • geography,
  • information technology
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Alan Wiig, Taylor Shelton and Matthew Zook. "The ‘actually existing smart city’" Cambridge Journal of Region, Economy, Society (2015)
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