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How to Cope With - Or Without - "Big Box" Retailers
Zoning and Planning Law Report
  • Alan C Weinstein, Cleveland State University
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  • membership clubs,
  • superstores,
  • exclusion,
  • zoning regulations
Big-box retailers, such as Walmart and K-Mart, pose novel challenges to cities and towns. Although they clearly benefit consumers with lower prices and provide smaller communities with access to a wider array of merchandise, the aggressive growth of these giant discount chains has fueled opponents who charge that the discounters disrupt the economic and social fabric in hundreds of communities. This article describes the nature of the revolution in retailing brought on by these discount giants and suggests how communities can plan for the arrival of a local "big box."
Citation Information
Alan C. Weinstein, How to Cope With - Or Without - "Big Box" Retailers, 17 Zoning & Planning Law Report No. 6 (July-August 1994)