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Safety Management Systems in Aviation (2nd edition)
  • Alan J. Stolzer
  • John J. Goglia
"This unique and comprehensive book has been designed as a textbook for the student of aviation safety, and as an invaluable reference tool for the SMS practitioner in any segment of aviation. It discusses the quality management underpinnings of SMS, the four components, risk management, reliability engineering, SMS implementation, and the scientific rigor that must be designed into proactive safety. The authors introduce a hypothetical airline-oriented safety scenario at the beginning of the book and conclude it at the end, engaging the reader and adding interest to the text. To enhance the practical application of the material, the book also features numerous SMS in Practice commentaries by some of the most respected names in aviation safety.."--Ashgate website
  • Safety Management Systems
Publication Date
Ashgate Publishing
Citation Information
Alan J. Stolzer and John J. Goglia. Safety Management Systems in Aviation (2nd edition). 2ndFarnham, Surrey, United Kingdom(2015)
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