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Electrical transport in amorphous semiconducting AlMgB14 films
Applied Physics Letters
  • Y. Tian, Iowa State University
  • G. Li, Iowa State University
  • Joseph Shinar, Iowa State University
  • N. L. Wang, Iowa State University
  • Bruce A. Cook, Iowa State University
  • James W. Anderegg, Iowa State University
  • Alan P. Constant, Iowa State University
  • Alan Mark Russell, Iowa State University
  • J. E. Snyder, Iowa State University
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The electrical transport properties of semiconducting AlMgB14films deposited at room temperature and 573K are reported in this letter. The as-deposited films are amorphous, and they exhibit high n-type electrical conductivity, which is believed to stem from the conduction electrons donated by Al, Mg, and/or Fe impurities in these films. The film deposited at 573K is less conductive than the room-temperature-deposited film. This is attributed to the nature of donor or trap states in the band gap related to the different deposition temperatures.

The following article appeared in Applied Physics Letters 85 (2004): 1181, doi:10.1063/1.1781738.

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Y. Tian, G. Li, Joseph Shinar, N. L. Wang, et al.. "Electrical transport in amorphous semiconducting AlMgB14 films" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 85 Iss. 7 (2004) p. 1181 - 1183
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