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Tensile Properties of High-purity Ca Metal
British Journal of Applied Science & Technology
  • Austin Shaw, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Liang Tian, University of Michigan
  • Alan M. Russell, Iowa State University
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Recent interest in using calcium (Ca) as a reinforcement metal in Al/Ca metal-metal composites prompted this study of the mechanical properties of high-purity Ca metal. Previously reported measurements of Ca’s mechanical properties were performed on Ca of relatively low purity (~95 at%). Ca used in this study was purified by sublimation to reduce O, N, and C concentrations, yielding 99.95% purity metal for fabrication of tensile test specimens. Yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, and strain rate sensitivity of high-purity Ca were measured at both 77K and 295K for annealed and cold-worked Ca. Annealed samples were found to be more strain-rate sensitive than as-swaged samples. Both as-annealed and as-swaged Ca samples were stronger and more ductile at 77K than at 295K, behavior that seems to be supported by molecular dynamics simulations of perfect Ca single crystals.

This article is published as Shaw, Austin, Liang Tian, and Alan Russell. "Tensile Properties of High-purity Ca Metal." British Journal of Applied Science & Technology 15, no. 6 (2016), doi:10.9734/BJAST/2016/26293. Posted with permission.

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Shaw et al.
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Austin Shaw, Liang Tian and Alan M. Russell. "Tensile Properties of High-purity Ca Metal" British Journal of Applied Science & Technology Vol. 15 Iss. 6 (2016)
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