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Aluminum/alkaline earth metal composites and method for producing
Iowa State University Patents
  • Alan M. Russell, Iowa State University
  • Iver E. Anderson, Iowa State University
  • Hyongjune Kim, Iowa State University
  • Andrew E. Freichs, Iowa State University
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A composite is provided having an electrically conducting Al matrix andelongated filaments comprising Ca and/or Sr and/or Ba disposed in the matrixand extending along a longitudinal axis of the composite. The filaments initially comprise Ca and/or Sr and/or Ba metal or alloy and then may be reacted with the Al matrix to form a strengthening intermetallic compound comprising Al andCa and/or Sr and/or Ba. The composite is useful as a long-distance, high voltage power transmission conductor.
Patent Number
US 8,647,536 B2
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
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US 13/136,599
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Alan M. Russell, Iver E. Anderson, Hyongjune Kim and Andrew E. Freichs. "Aluminum/alkaline earth metal composites and method for producing" (2014)
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