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Unpublished Paper
OBJECT RELATIONS THEORY and Implications in Couples Therapy
  • Alan A MacKENZIE

OR theory offers the therapist a window into the “inner world” of mental representations, how one represents, perceives and understands their world and their relationship in it, that enables a counsellor to explore the client’s behaviour and motivations (deepest unmet needs/longings). Such past representations seem to serve as emotional filters; colouring and shaping current intrapsychic perceptions and interpsychic relationships. Such relationsal perceptions best serve the therapeutic alliance and offer the analyst & analysands insights into what drives the couple’s relationship.

  • Object relations theory,
  • ORT,
  • couples therapy,
  • projective identification,
  • transference,
  • splitting,
  • intrapsychic perceptions,
  • interpsychic relations
Publication Date
Summer July, 2005
Citation Information
Alan A MacKENZIE. "OBJECT RELATIONS THEORY and Implications in Couples Therapy" (2005)
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