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About Alan A MacKENZIE

I believe, like Turner, that all true transformation occurs in liminality -- a sacred place of change. For Jesus the Jonah story is an invitation to a liminal space (the whale); to the dark place of struggle with and against our ego’s; what we might also call our shadow-selves. It is the place where we fall into the hands of the living God; and in that falling we become transformed after the likeness and example of Christ. Jesus, in his humanity, goes to this place ahead of us.
It’s the place of kenosis and letting go of self (i.e. self surrender and selfemptying). It’s the place of metanoia (of going beyond the mind; of going beyond the first half of life; of growing in wisdom. Of seeing things as they really are; of confronting the unreality of our own diminished lives. It’s the place of longing for the grace needful for transformation and the formation of our true selves
It’s the place where God begins to destabilize and breakdown our egos of false selves. It’s a place we resist, and sadly in so many cases, a place we resist our whole lives. It’s the dark place within which we learn we are held and loved. The “hidden years” become necessary for a fully human living!
The unpublished papers that follow describe just such a liminal place... and an autoethnographic "journey" of self-discovery and personal transformation. The author's sincerest wish is that anyone finding and reading any of these writings might resonate deeply with what's written... and that these re-memberings may enlighten them as to the deeper meanings in our lives.

Research Interests

Counselling and contemplation

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Honors and Awards

  • Dean's Commendation for Scholastic Achievement

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