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Periodic Atlas of the Metroscape: Planning for Our Aging Society
  • Alan Kenneth DeLaTorre, Portland State University
  • Tomoko DeLaTorre
  • Margaret Neal, Portland State University
  • Paula C. Carder, Portland State University
  • Jenny Weinstein
  • Michael DeShane, Portland State University
  • Keren Brown Wilson, Portland State University
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  • Aging population,
  • Older people -- Services for,
  • Older people -- Oregon -- Portland

The fact that the U.S. is aging is not new; many headlines in 2011, while not heralding the coming of the Boomers, were related to the demographic phenomenon of population aging, including those concerning the government's failed efforts to find solutions to budget deficits, questions pertaining to the future solvency of Social Security, and the extended debate over our nation's health care system. The aging population presents both challenges and opportunities for our region, state, and country in the coming years. The challenge for leaders and policymakers now is to better understand the dynamics that we are facing and to develop appropriate policy responses.


Originally appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Metroscape, published by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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DeLaTorre, A., DeLaTorre, T., Neal, M., Carder, P., Weinsten, J., DeShane, M., and Brown Wilson, K. (2012) Periodic Atlas of the Metroscape: Planning for our aging society, p. 14-20.