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Health Locus of Control and Depression in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Dynamic Perspective
Journal of Health Psychology (2005)
  • Jamie A. Cvengros
  • Alan J. Christensen, University of Iowa
  • William J. Lawton

Participants in the present study were 207 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who completed internal HLOC and depression measures at baseline and at an approximately 16-month follow-up period. Regression results indicated that after controlling for baseline level of depression, baseline internal HLOC was not a significant predictor of depression at follow-up. However, increases in internal HLOC over the 16-month follow-up were predictive of depression at follow-up. Furthermore, this relationship was qualified by an interaction between change in internal HLOC and disease progression. These results suggest that changes in internal HLOC over time may be a particularly important determinant of adjustment for individuals whose chronic illness progresses or becomes life threatening.

  • depression • health locus of control • kidney disease • patient adaptation
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Jamie A. Cvengros, Alan J. Christensen and William J. Lawton. "Health Locus of Control and Depression in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Dynamic Perspective" Journal of Health Psychology Vol. 10 Iss. 5 (2005)
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