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The ESL-A/B Book Project
Passage: A Journal of Refugee Education
  • Alan Blackstock, Utah State University
  • Sharon Snyder
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For the past two years, the ESL ... A/B department Bataan has been providing our students with reading materials that are "predictable," that involve situations and stories familiar and interesting to the students. This effort is based on the findings of Current reading and writing research, which indicate that students learn language-both spoken and written faster when the language material is related to things they know about, care about, and are interested in. In other words, students learn to read faster when they are interested enough to try to predict what the language means, and they learn to write faster when they care enough to try to use the language to say what they want to say (Harste, Woodward, & Burke 1985).

Originally Published in Passage: A Journal of Refugee Education.

This work made publicly available electronically on March 1, 2012.

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Blackstock, Alan, and Sharon Snyder, “The ESL-A/B Book Project.” Passage: A Journal of Refugee Education 4.1-2 (Spring/Summer 1988): 63-70.