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16th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS 16) (2011)
  • Akram Shaker Mahmood
  • Mohamed Najim Mahmood

Strengthening of concrete structures with externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) has been a viable technique for at least a decade and it became interesting material and applied in strengthening reinforced and prestressed concrete beams. It has been found that CFRP sheets are very suitable; not only because of its strength, but also due to its ease of application in comparison to traditional strengthening systems. Despite the fact that CFRP has been widely used in strengthening reinforced concrete members, a very limited works were found in the literature that is related to the application of CFRP in assessing the torsional strength of prestressed concrete beams. Eight medium-scale reinforced concrete beams (150mmx250mm) cross section and 2500mm long were constructed pure torsion test. All beams have four strands have no eccentricity (concentric) at neutral axis of section. There are classified into two group according uses of ordinary reinforcements. Where four beams with steel reinforcements, for representing partial prestressing beams, while other four beams have not steel reinforcements for representing full prestressing beams. The applied CFRP configurations are full wrap, U-jacked, and stirrups with spacing equal to half the depth of beam along its entire length. The test results have shown that the performance of fully wrapped prestressed beams is superior to those with other form of sheet wrapping. All the strengthened beams have shown a significant increase in the torsional strength compared with the reference beams. Also, this study included the nonlinear finite element analysis of the tested beams to predict a model for analyzing prestressed beams strengthening with CFRP sheets

  • Torsion,
  • CFRP sheets,
  • Prestressed beams,
  • Finite elements modeling
Publication Date
Summer June 28, 2011
Citation Information
Akram Shaker Mahmood and Mohamed Najim Mahmood. "TORSIONAL BEHAVIOR OF PRESTRESSED CONCRETE BEAMS STRENGTHENED WITH CFRP SHEETS" 16th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS 16) (2011)
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