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Antecedents of Islamic Political Radicalism Among Muslim Communities in Europe
Political Science & Politics (2008)
  • Akil N Awan, Royal Holloway, University of London
Recent years have witnessed a rapid proliferation of radical Islamist activity in western Europe, from MI5's claim in 2006 of 30 incipient “terror plots” and 1,600 individuals under surveillance, to actual terrorist atrocities in European cities, the most infamous and deadly of which included the transport network bombings in Madrid in 2003 and in London in 2005. Concomitantly, both the media and the wider social discourse have been rife with self-appointed punditry and a plethora of commentators pontificating on European radical Islam's putative causal factors and remedies. This paper will attempt to address the complex issues by providing a fuller, more nuanced understanding of some of the causes and antecedents of Islamic political radicalism among western European Muslims.
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Akil N Awan. "Antecedents of Islamic Political Radicalism Among Muslim Communities in Europe" Political Science & Politics Vol. 41 Iss. 1 (2008)
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