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Open Access Webliography
Reference Services Review (2005)
  • Adrian K. Ho, University of Houston
  • Charles W. Bailey, Jr., University of Houston
Purpose – The paper aims to present a wide range of useful freely available internet resources (e.g. directories, e-journals, FAQs, mailing lists, and weblogs) that allow the reader to investigate the major aspects of the important open access (OA) movement. Design/methodology/approach – The internet resources included in this webliography were identified during the course of one of the authors writing the Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-prints and Open Access Journals. The authors evaluated, selected, categorized, and annotated these resources to construct this webliography, which complements the bibliography. Findings – The most useful resources have been annotated and organized into webliography sections. For example, the “Starting Points”, “Debates”, and “General Information” sections list resources that orient the reader to OA and the issues involved. The different “Directories (and Guides)” sections alert the reader to useful finding aids on relevant subjects. Originality/value – This webliography provides easy access to the most relevant internet resources for understanding and practicing OA. It affirms the significance of OA in scholarly communication, and it identifies the key parties involved in and/or contributing to the OA movement.
  • Open access,
  • Scholarly communication,
  • Scholarly publishing
Publication Date
April 26, 2005
Citation Information
Adrian K. Ho and Charles W. Bailey. "Open Access Webliography" Reference Services Review Vol. 33 Iss. 3 (2005) p. 346 - 364
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