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Conversational Repair in Spoken Hong Kong Cantonese
Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (2000)
  • Adrian K. Ho
  • Bjorn H. Jernudd, Hong Kong Baptist University
This paper examines the process and mechanism of conversational repair in spoken Hong Kong Cantonese. Levelt calls for accounts of conversational repair from diverse languages; this paper helps test his supposition that “the organization of repair is quite invariant across languages and cultures” (1989: 497). The paper also raises the hypothesis that personal and contextual factors are crucial variables which determine which type of repair will be socially acceptable (and therefore prominent) in a particular conversational setting.
  • Conversation analysis,
  • Cantonese,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Language management,
  • Conversational repair
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
This paper is the abridged version of my undergraduate honours project for a B.A. in Humanities (Language and Communication) from Hong Kong Baptist University.
Citation Information
Adrian K. Ho and Bjorn H. Jernudd. "Conversational Repair in Spoken Hong Kong Cantonese" Journal of Asian Pacific Communication Vol. 10 Iss. 2 (2000) p. 205 - 225
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