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Availability Assessment of Embedded Systems with Security Vulnerabilities.
2011 IEEE 34th Software Engineering Workshop (2011)
  • Andrew J Kornecki, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Janusz Zalewski
  • Wendy F. Stevenson

The paper discusses modeling assessment aspects of incorporating security into an embedded system. The essential assumption in the approach and the model we propose is that a security breach may cause degradation of the service and ultimately a failure. The security model concentrates on the system's interaction with the environment via a communication channel. The cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) system is used as a case study. The results of the study obtained for availability assessment due to security lapses show that a modeling technique may be used to evaluate the need for appropriate mitigation mechanisms allowing the system to withstand the attacks still assuring desired level of availability.

  • security,
  • embedded systems,
  • real-time systems,
  • software design,
  • availability,
  • cruise control
Publication Date
June, 2011
Citation Information
Andrew J Kornecki, Janusz Zalewski and Wendy F. Stevenson. "Availability Assessment of Embedded Systems with Security Vulnerabilities." 2011 IEEE 34th Software Engineering Workshop (2011)
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