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Utilization and Investigation of Polymer in Drug Industry
  • Ajit Behera, Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur

This paper provides investigation about the links between Polymers and Drug, which can provide information for drug enforcement authorities. Oral route of drug administration is oldest and safest mode of drug administration which does not possess the sterility problem with minimal risk of damage at the site of administration. Close cooperation between laboratory and law enforcement personnel is essential to maximize the operational value of drug characterization studies. For stable & satisfactory extend release profile of drug from fabricated polymeric matrix preparation in the form of tablets were identified with different proportion. Chemical links between Drug (Trimetazidine.HCl) and Polymer (Metalose) were established, which was studied by FTIR, UV and with other technique. There were some comparative study between drug and polymer which, analytically determines the approach of stability. For stability measurement relative humidity was under taken; 30°C/65 % RH & 40°C/75 % RH for 30 days. Formulations of drug content, hardness, friability were measured. From drug formulation, measurement after 30 days (drug-polymer contact time), the drug content found to be ~95.92 which is nearly equivalent to original drug content. This experiment found that by using Metalose polymer causes no change in drug property and can satisfactorily use.

  • Trimetazidine HCL,
  • Metalose,
  • Spectroscopy,
  • Extended release.
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Ajit Behera. "Utilization and Investigation of Polymer in Drug Industry" (2012)
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