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Applied Anthropology of Risk, Hazards, and Disasters
Human Organization (2015)
  • A. J. Faas, San Jose State University
  • Roberto Barrios, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
This article provides a brief introduction to advancements in the anthropology of disasters as well as the historical antecedents and the intellectual collaborations that contributed to contemporary work in the field. It reviews the multiple directions, methodological approaches, and theoretical leanings that comprise today's diversified field of disaster anthropology and discusses how the monographs included in the special edition of Human Organization (74[4]) on the applied anthropology of risks, hazards, and disasters showcase the variety of topics and themes engaged by applied anthropologists who work on disaster-related issues.
  • Keywords: risk,
  • hazards,
  • disaster,
  • culture,
  • displacement,
  • climate change
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A. J. Faas and Roberto Barrios. "Applied Anthropology of Risk, Hazards, and Disasters" Human Organization Vol. 74 Iss. 4 (2015) p. 287 - 295
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