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Construction Supply Chain Performance Management
International Symposium on Information Technology (2003)
  • Aiyin Jiang, University of Florida
  • William O'Brien, University of Texas at Austin
  • Raja R. R. Issa, University of Florida
Construction supply chain performance management will help decision makers chart a course for the future and evaluate their performance along the way. Performance measurement is adopted not simply to keep the score but rather to enable the achievement of continuous process improvement in business process reengineering. This paper presents the stages of performance management, reviews the IDEF0 and IDEF3 methods and proposes the multi-level decomposition process modeling with performance attributes (PMPA). The method is hierarchical structure. It will be used to model an "as-is" organization and it is ideal to diagnose the non-value added activities. This paper presents a case study about a residential builder using the proposed method, modeling the homebuilder's supply chain and measuring its performance.
Publication Date
November 11, 2003
Citation Information
Aiyin Jiang, William O'Brien and Raja R. R. Issa. "Construction Supply Chain Performance Management" International Symposium on Information Technology (2003) p. 1 - 17
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