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A Decision Support Model on Cost and Activity — Based Performance Measurement in Steel Construction
Computing in Civil Engineering (2005)
  • Aiyin Jiang, University of North Florida
  • Raja R. A. Issa, University of Florida
  • Robert F. Cox
The principal actors involved in the structural steel construction include fabricators, steel mills, engineer designers, specialty shops, and erectors. The fabricator is an organizer and provider of this construction service, who typically selects its material suppliers and subcontractors based on lowest quotes or based on past business relationships. The fabricator has to evaluate uncertainties in the upstream material supplies and construction services that incur additional costs which may result in higher than anticipated total costs. Suppliers and subcontractors selection is usually based on several criteria such as pricing structure, delivery record, product quality, and service. Frequently, these criteria vary because they involve trade-offs from one job to the next. The selection process is complicated further by the fact that some criteria are quantitative while others are qualitative. The study proposes a decision support model based on cost and activity-based performance using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to allow fabricators to conveniently evaluate and select their material suppliers and subcontractors based on their perceptions of the importance of each criterion. The expected result will be forming an efficient and effective project team and supply chain. The proposed model will also be applicable to other specialty subcontractors and general contractors.
Publication Date
June 24, 2005
Citation Information
Aiyin Jiang, Raja R. A. Issa and Robert F. Cox. "A Decision Support Model on Cost and Activity — Based Performance Measurement in Steel Construction" Computing in Civil Engineering (2005) p. 1 - 13
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