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The American Civil War, 1861-1865 Libguide
  • Aisha Conner-Gaten, Loyola Marymount University
This guide will assist you with finding reliable and variable sources for exploring the American Civil War, the most influential conflict our nation has ever known. All sources are merely suggestions and offer a place to start your research. There are many other sources at your disposal (including your local librarians) that should be explored. 
Scope: Materials and sources supplied in this guide are from many backgrounds to truly capture the effects of the American Civil War on life in the 1860s. Materials will be included from both Northern and Southern perspectives, along with general source topics. Due to the nature of this war, some materials will be primary sources using language and expressions of the period including letters, articles from local newspapers, and early musical scores. 
Structure: Each subject area of the American Civil War is addressed in individual tabs. Areas explored by this guide include General Sources for the American Civil War, Women & the American Civil War, and African-Americans & the American Civil War. These tabs will include identical sections and information about the sources listed including:
  • Suggested online reference resources
  • Link to source and descriptions of access
  • Overview of reference source including its scope and types of materials
  • Suggested queries for searching specific source
  • Books 
  • APA citations of each book and link to each book at local library
  • Overview of book's subject and perspective
  • Websites
  • Link to site
Overview of site including scope, author, audience
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Spring 2014
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Aisha Conner-Gaten. "The American Civil War, 1861-1865 Libguide" (2014)
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