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SMS : its use in the digital library
Library Conference Papers (2009)
  • Ailsa Parker

SMS or short messaging service is a form of text messaging used extensively throughout the world. It is a cheap and mobile form of communication but there is limited research into its library use. Using Internet search techniques and content analysis, this research investigated how libraries use SMS. Fifty libraries with English language websites were found to be using SMS and were divided evenly between academic and public, with two national libraries. They spread over fourteen countries with the United Kingdom having the most libraries using the technology. Usage was mainly in the circulation area, particularly reserves. Some libraries offered reference services. Cost and complexity varied, with some libraries offering examples of possible future use. Suggestions are made as to the importance of libraries helping each other in implementing SMS.

  • SMS,
  • text messaging,
  • libraries,
  • circulation
Publication Date
April 8, 2009
Citation Information
Ailsa Parker. "SMS : its use in the digital library" Library Conference Papers (2009)
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