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About Aileen M. Pidgeon

Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) - University of Queensland
Bachelor of Behavioural Science Hons - Griffith University
Diploma of Accountancy - University of New South Wales
Dr Pidgeon joined Bond University in 2007 and previously taught psychology courses at UQ and QUT, Queensland, Australia. She supervises probationary psychologist and psychologists working in mental health, community and government settings. Dr Pidgeon presents and teaches on mindfulness-based therapies psychotherapy including ACT, DBT and MBCT. She specialises in mindfulness-based clinical practice with adults, children, adolescents and families on a range of issues including parenting, ADHD, anxiety, depression, relationships, communication skills, and stress management.
Dr Pidgeon's doctoral research involved developing the evidence-based Pathways Triple P positive parenting program for parents at risk of maltreating their children. Since its launch in 2005, seven other countries have rolled out Dr Pidgeon's intervention program and continued research has shown its effectiveness in reducing the incidences of child maltreatment in families at risk and improving parent-child attachment. A total of 2358 practitioners around the world have been trained in Pathways Triple P in the last five years, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Netherlands, Scotland and the United States.


Present Assistant Professor, Bond University

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bond University QLD 4229
Phone: +61 7 559 52510


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