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Leaky Gut’s Contribution to Inefficient Nutrient Utilization
WCDS Advances in Dairy Technology
  • S. K. Kvidera, Iowa State University
  • E. A. Horst, Iowa State University
  • M. Al-Qaisi, Iowa State University
  • M. J. Dickson, Iowa State University
  • R. P. Rhoads, Virginia Tech
  • A. F. Keating, Iowa State University
  • L. H. Baumgard, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
35th Western Canadian Dairy Seminar
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35 Years of Dairying: Knowledge, Pride and Passion
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March 7-10, 2017
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There are a variety of situations in an animal’s life when nutrient utilization is reprioritized from productive towards agriculturally unproductive purposes. Two well-known examples that markedly reduce production are heat stress and ketosis. Decreased feed intake, experienced during both disorders, is unable to fully explain production losses. Additionally, both disorders are characterized by negative energy balance, body weight loss, inflammation, and liver fat accumulation. While the metabolism of ketosis and heat stress has been thoroughly studied for the last 40 years, the initial insult in the cascade of events ultimately reducing productivity in both heat-stressed and ketotic cows has not been identified. To that end, we have generated preliminary data strongly implicating a metabolic disruptor, endotoxin, as the underlying cause in each case.


This proceeding is published as Kvidera, S.K., Horst, E.A., Al-Qaisi, M., Dickson, M.J., Rhoads, R.P., Keating, A.F., Baumgard, L.H. 2017. Leaky Gut’s Contribution to Inefficient Nutrient Utilization? WCDS Advances in Dairy Technology 29 (2017): 137-143. Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, pp. 137-146. Posted with permission.

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Western Canadian Dairy Seminar
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S. K. Kvidera, E. A. Horst, M. Al-Qaisi, M. J. Dickson, et al.. "Leaky Gut’s Contribution to Inefficient Nutrient Utilization" Red Deer, AlbertaWCDS Advances in Dairy Technology Vol. 29 (2017) p. 137 - 143
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