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Metal ceramic dental post
WO 2013043039 A2 (2013)
  • Ahmed A. Madfa

The present invention discloses a dental post fabricated of metal-ceramic functionally graded composite material. The dental post and method of fabrication and installation of the post were devised to enable a dental post to be prefabricated, utilizing materials that have structural and compositional compatibility with the natural tooth being restored. Using a metal-ceramic functionally graded composite material to fabricate the post, high modulus of elasticity at coronal part can be achieved which is approximately similar to the crown/s and bridge abutment/s and it gradually reduced towards the apical partof the tooth. Utilization of this post will increase the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth. It has also been shown that when failure occurs,the failed tooth is likely to be repairable thus making root treated teeth more durable.

  • functionally graded materials,
  • dentistry,
  • biomaterials,
  • bioceramics,
  • dental posts,
  • Restoration
Publication Date
March, 2013
Citation Information
Ahmed A. Madfa. "Metal ceramic dental post" WO 2013043039 A2 (2013)
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