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Use of Zirconia in Dentistry: An Overview.
The Open Biomaterials Journal (2014)
  • Ahmed A. Madfa

Due to an increasing interest in esthetics and concerns about toxic and allergic reactions to certain alloys, zirconia was proposed as a new ceramic material in the later part of 20th century. It has become a popular alternative to alumina as biomaterial and is being used in dental applications for fabricating endodontic posts, crown and bridge restorations and implant abutments. It has also been applied for the fabrication of esthetic orthodontic brackets. This article presents a brief history, dental applications and new methods for fabrication of zirconia improving its mechanical properties. Additionally, the bonding between zirconia and resin cements as well as conventional cementation has been discussed. The methods of the improvement of the bonding strength have also been highlighted.

  • Zirconia,
  • dentistry,
  • alumina-zirconia nanocomposites,
  • CAD/CAM,
  • functionally graded concept,
  • interfacial adhesive.
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Ahmed A. Madfa. "Use of Zirconia in Dentistry: An Overview." The Open Biomaterials Journal Vol. 5 (2014)
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