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Factors effecting job satisfaction of employees in Pakistani banking sector
African Journal of Business Management (2010)
  • Ahmed Imran Hunjra
  • Muhammad Irfan Chani
  • Sher Aslam
  • Muhammad Azam
  • Kashif Ur Rehman
The job satisfaction has got tremendous attention in organizational research. The focus of this study is to determine the impact of various human resource management practices like job autonomy, team work environment and leadership behavior on job satisfaction. It also investigates the major determinants of job satisfaction in Pakistani banking sector. This study further evaluates the level of difference in job satisfaction among male and female employees. The sample of the study consisted of 450 employees working in different banks of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore through the questionnaire, of which 295 were returned and processed. SPSS was used to analyze the data, using independent sample T test, Correlation and regression analysis. There is a positive and significant link between job satisfaction and human recourse management practices like team work environment, job autonomy and behavior of leadership. From the findings of the study, it is also inferred that male and female workers have significantly different level of job satisfaction.
  • Human resource management practices,
  • job satisfaction,
  • employees,
  • banking sector.
Publication Date
Summer August 18, 2010
Citation Information
Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Muhammad Irfan Chani, Sher Aslam, Muhammad Azam, et al.. "Factors effecting job satisfaction of employees in Pakistani banking sector" African Journal of Business Management Vol. 4 Iss. 10 (2010)
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