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Divided-pulse amplification to the joule level.pdf
Optics Letter (2016)
  • Ahmad Azim, University of Central Florida
  • Benjamin Webb
  • Nathan Bodnar
  • Michael Chini
  • Lawrence Shah
  • Martin Richardson
Divided-pulse amplification (DPA) has proven to be a valuable tool in scaling the peak power of diode-pumped ytterbium-doped amplifiers to beyond the single-pulse threshold for parasitic nonlinear effects. DPA enables the amplification of picosecond pulses in solid-state amplifiers with limited bandwidth beyond the single-pulse damage threshold. In this Letter, we demonstrate DPA of picosecond pulses in a flashlamp-pumped Nd:YAG amplifier for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, yielding a combined pulse energy of 167 mJ.
  • laser,
  • amplifier,
  • coherent combining
Publication Date
Summer June 30, 2016
Citation Information
Ahmad Azim, Benjamin Webb, Nathan Bodnar, Michael Chini, et al.. "Divided-pulse amplification to the joule level.pdf" Optics Letter (2016)
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