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Greenways as Strategic Landscape Planning: Theory and Application
  • Jack F Ahern, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
This thesis investigates greenways as an emerging strategy for landscape planning. In the thesis, greenways are researched through case studies in the Netherlands and the USA and through published literature. Application of the greenway concept is made to several landscape planning projects in the USA. An original greenway typology is proposed based on: scale, goals, spatial context, and planning strategy. Using the typology, greenway planning is compared with other contemporary landscape planning concepts and activities including: ecological networks, wildlife corridors, and habitat networks. The thesis discusses three fundamental benefits of greenways: the hypothesis of co-occurrence of resources; the inherent benefits of landscape connectivity; and the concept of compatible, or synergistic multiple use in greenways. A “framework method” for landscape/greenway planning is proposed based on an alternative future scenario approach. The method provides a framework for applying landscape ecological principles to landscape planning (i.e. landscape ecological planning). The integration of cultural resources and issues is identified as a challenge in greenway planning and is integral with the framework method. Landscape aesthetics is considered as fundamental in greenway and is incorporated in the case applications and reviewed in the literature. A survey of greenway planning in the USA was conducted which found that: greenways are increasingly integrated with comprehensive landscape planning in the USA, and greenways are often initiated to provide trail and recreational use, but evolve to support multipurpose/multi-functional planning goals and objectives. Finally, the thesis addresses the issue of uncertainty in data and knowledge for planning and proposes an interactive and adaptive approach through which greenway planning may be conducted with imperfect knowledge.
  • greenways,
  • spatial concepts,
  • landscape planning,
  • landscape ecology
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ISBN 90-5808-605-4
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Jack F Ahern. Greenways as Strategic Landscape Planning: Theory and Application. The Netherlands(2002)
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