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Students’ Use of Symmetry with Gauss’s Law
AIP Conference Proceedings
  • Adrienne L. Traxler, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • Katrina E. Black
  • John R. Thompson
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Conference Proceeding
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To study introductory student difficulties with electrostatics, we compared student techniques when finding the electric field for spherically symmetric and non-spherically symmetric charged conductors. We used short interviews to design a free-response and multiple-choice-multiple-response survey that was administered to students in introductory calculus-based courses. We present the survey results and discuss them in light of Singh's results for Gauss's Law, Collins and Ferguson's epistemic forms and games, and Tuminaro's extension of games and frames.

Presented at the Physics Education Research Conference, Syracuse, NY, July 26-27, 2006.

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Adrienne L. Traxler, Katrina E. Black and John R. Thompson. "Students’ Use of Symmetry with Gauss’s Law" AIP Conference Proceedings Vol. 883 Iss. 173 (2007) ISSN: 0094243X
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