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Validation of a high-resolution precipitation database (CHIRPS) over Cyprus for a 30-year period
Atmospheric Research (2016)
  • D. Katsanos
  • A. Retalis
  • S. Michaelides

A study for a 30-year period (1981–2010) for a new precipitation database is performed over the island of Cyprus. Climate Hazards Group Infrared Precipitation with Station data (CHIRPS) is a more than 30-year quasi-global rainfall dataset, spanning 50°S–50°N (and all longitudes). Starting in 1981 to near-present, CHIRPS incorporates 0.05° resolution satellite imagery with in situ station data to create gridded rainfall time series. In this study, CHIRPS database is firstly compared to other precipitation databases over the Mediterranean basin. In the following, this study focuses over Cyprus, where a dense and reliable network of rain gauges is available. CHIRPS data are compared for the first time with in situ measurements in this area, for the aforementioned 30-year period. Monthly and annual comparisons are presented for each of the 0.05 × 0.05 degree cells overlaying the island of Cyprus. Results showed good correlation between CHIRPS values and recorded precipitation, although an overestimation of the in situ rainfall data has been noted during the last decade.

Publication Date
Spring March 1, 2016
Citation Information
D. Katsanos, A. Retalis and S. Michaelides. "Validation of a high-resolution precipitation database (CHIRPS) over Cyprus for a 30-year period" Atmospheric Research Vol. 169 (2016)
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