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About Adrian Ravier Ph.D.

A native of Argentina, Adrian Ravier is Professor of Economics and Research Fellow of the School of Business of the Francisco Marroquin University (UFM) in Guatemala.
Having earned his doctorate in applied economics in the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) of Madrid, he teaches Economics at Economic Sciences Faculty of the National University of La Pampa (UNLPam), and also Money and Banking and Trade Cycle Theories in the Swiss Management Center University (SMC).
A member of the Mont Pélérin Society (MPS) and the Asociation of Private Enterprise Education (APEE), he also lectures regularly in different private and public universities of Latin America and United States. Before his current position in the UFM, he was a research fellow in ESEADE and the Hayek Foundation, both with base in Argentina.
A small sample of his publications is listed below.


Present Professor of Economics, Swiss Management Center University
Present Research Fellow, Francisco Marroquin University
Present Professor of Economics, Francisco Marroquin University

Macro-Money Policy (6)

History of Economic Thought (6)

International Trade (2)

Political Economy (1)