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Freshwater Conservation: A Review of Oregon Water Law & Policy
  • Adell L. Amos
In order to more fully understand and enhance freshwater conservation in the State of Oregon, The Nature Conservancy initiated a project to conduct a legal and policy review of Oregon water law. In Oregon, like all western states, water management is based on a combination of statutes, administrative rules, agency policies, and case law. Accordingly, this report identifies and explains relevant provisions of the Oregon Water Code and discusses how the legislature, state administrative agencies, and the courts have interpreted the law. The report also identifies the impacts and implications of legal and policy choices that have been made with regard to freshwater conservation in Oregon and identifies areas that warrant further investigation and exploration.
  • freshwater conservation,
  • water law
Publication Date
April, 2008
Citation Information
Adell L. Amos. "Freshwater Conservation: A Review of Oregon Water Law & Policy" (2008)
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