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Dam Removal and Hydropower Production in the U.S.—Ushering in a New Era
Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (2014)
  • Adell L. Amos
My talk today concerns balancing hydropower production and dam removal in the United States and ushering in, what many commentators believe represents, a new era in hydropower and dam development in the United States. I hope after this talk you will be able to understand the basics of hydropower production in the United States and, in particular, the legal and the regulatory structures for the various kinds of hydropower facilities that we have in the United States. This legal and regulatory structure will help orient you as I move on to describe some current examples of dam removal projects. It is this very legal and regulatory structure that provides the framework in which dam removal has been realized, and even promoted, in the United States. Finally, I want to spend some time understanding the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing process and in particular its relationship to river restoration. I hope to do all this in the context of talking about the proposed dam removal in the Klamath Basin.
  • dam removal,
  • hydropower
Publication Date
May, 2014
Citation Information
“Dam Removal and Hydropower Production in the U.S.—Ushering in a New Era,” 29(1) Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation, May 2014, available at