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Use Analytics to Put Your Social Media on Cruise Control
Online Northwest
  • Adele Larson, Portland State University
Presentation Type
Lightning Talk
This session will discuss how you can easily use analytic data on Facebook and Twitter to improve user engagement. Developing a workflow around social media analytics will help you reach out to your audience – and keep track of what is working, and what is not. Engage users while keeping your communications higher-education focused – no cat pictures required Spend minimal time maintaining social media when you know your peak times and topics Utilize trending topics to highlight unique collections or library/campus events
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to read and compare social media analytics.
  • Develop a workflow to minimize time spent.
  • "Partner" with other active groups to promote library collections and events.
Conference Track

Room: Hoffman Hall

Start Date
31-3-2017 3:20 PM
End Date
31-3-2017 3:25 PM
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Adele Larson. "Use Analytics to Put Your Social Media on Cruise Control" (2017)
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