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On a Multiple-Choice Guessing Game
The Research and Scholarship Symposium
  • Ryan Cushman, Bethel College - Mishawaka
  • Adam J. Hammett, Cedarville University
Type of Submission
Podium Presentation
  • Algorithm,
  • event,
  • probability,
  • conditional probability
We consider the following game (a generalization of a binary version explored by Hammett and Oman): the first player (“Ann”) chooses a (uniformly) random integer from the first n positive integers, which is not revealed to the second player (“Gus”). Then, Gus presents Ann with a k-option multiple choice question concerning the number she chose, to which Ann truthfully replies. After a predetermined number m of these questions have been asked, Gus attempts to guess the number chosen by Ann. Gus wins if he guesses Ann’s number. Our goal is to determine every m-question algorithm which maximizes the probability of Gus winning the game. A natural extension of this game is also discussed.
Campus Venue
Stevens Student Center, Room 241
Cedarville, OH
Start Date
4-20-2016 2:00 PM
End Date
4-20-2016 2:20 PM
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
Citation Information
Ryan Cushman and Adam J. Hammett. "On a Multiple-Choice Guessing Game" (2016)
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