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Match-Making for Stability: A Survey of the Stable Marriage Problem
Mathematics Colloquium
  • Adam J. Hammett, Cedarville University
ENS 345
Start Date
11-12-2015 3:00 PM
End Date
11-12-2015 4:00 PM
About the Speaker

Dr. Hammett taught at the college level for 7 years before coming to Cedarville in 2015. His area of expertise is combinatorial probability, which typically involves analyzing a randomly-selected element from a large, finite collection of similarly-constructed objects. He maintains an active research program, and has supervised numerous undergraduate research projects. These projects usually involve a combination of theoretical mathematics and computer programming. Dr. Hammett also maintains connections to organizations espousing free-market economics. He is an active member of the American Enterprise Institute’s network of Christian scholars, Values & Capitalism.

Citation Information
Adam J. Hammett. "Match-Making for Stability: A Survey of the Stable Marriage Problem" (2015)
Available at: