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Surveying Colorado Sports Law
Rocky Mountain Law Journal (2013)
  • Adam Epstein, Central Michigan University

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview and explore some of the major sports law cases that have emanated from within the four corners of the state of Colorado or maneuvered through Denver’s Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Colorado is a prime location for a wide range of cutting edge cases, decisions, discussions and events which have an impact on the relationship between sports and the law among the professional, amateur and recreational environments. Legal issues at Colorado-based educational institutions appear to have an affinity for and history of exposing and challenging the authority of NCAA policies.

  • Colorado,
  • Sports Law,
  • Olympics,
  • NCAA,
  • USOC,
  • Jeremy Bloom,
  • Beerman,
  • Hackbart,
  • Nemeth,
  • Derdeyn
Publication Date
Fall 2013
Citation Information
Adam Epstein. "Surveying Colorado Sports Law" Rocky Mountain Law Journal Vol. 2 (2013)
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