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The Empire Strikes Back: NFL Cuts Clarett, Sacks Scheindlin
Entertainment and Sports Lawyer (2005)
  • Adam Epstein, Central Michigan University

The article explores and the litigation history involving former Ohio State University running back Maurice Clarett and his challenge the the NFL draft-eligibility rule. Though Clarett was successful at the U.S. District Court level, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled differently, thereby preventing Clarett from being eligible for the 2004 NFL draft. Though he was drafted the next year (2005), an exploration of the differences between the trial court (Hon. Schendlin) and the appellate court (J. Sotomayor) opinions is quite interesting and relevant in the context of both antitrust and labor law, particularly the mandatory subjects of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in professional sports leagues represented by a union.

  • NFL,
  • NFLPA,
  • NFLMC,
  • Maurice Clarett,
  • Ohio State University,
  • Antitrust,
  • Sherman Act,
  • Clayton Act,
  • Non-Statutory Labor Exemption
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Adam Epstein. "The Empire Strikes Back: NFL Cuts Clarett, Sacks Scheindlin" Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Vol. 22 Iss. 4 (2005)
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