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Attracting Birds to Your Yard
Extension and Outreach Publications
  • Shane Patterson, Iowa State University
  • Adam Janke, Iowa State University
  • Georgia Bryan, Iowa State University
  • James Pease, Iowa State University
  • Karl Jungbluth, Iowa State University
Extension Number
WL 0003
Birds capture the imagination of homeowners from all walks of life. A glance out a window during fall or spring may reveal a pinstriped blackpoll warbler busily feeding during a break from migratory flights that take it to places as far away as the boreal forests of Canada or the mountain forests of South America. Lifeless and cold winter days may be enhanced by the company of a flock of chickadees. A morning on the back porch may turn into a front seat for the first attempts at flight by recently hatched robins. Backyard habitats are important resources for many birds, and homeowners can take actions to increase the attractiveness of their yard for birds. Additionally, the same practices deemed desirable by birds can increase property values, improve aesthetics, help conserve energy costs with shade or insulation from strong winds, reduce the abundance of certain insect pests, and provide an enriching experience to observe and learn about the birds in your own backyard. This publication explores those practices and offers guidance on making the most of your yard for wildlife.
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
  • Environment,
  • Wildlife and Natural Resources

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Shane Patterson, Adam Janke, Georgia Bryan, James Pease, et al.. "Attracting Birds to Your Yard" Ames, IA(2017)
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