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Coating Composition
  • Venkat S. Minnikanti, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Marcus Pfarherr, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Eva-Maria Michalski, Dow Global Tehcnologies LLC
  • Kamesh R. Vyakaranam, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • William H. Heath, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Kwanho Chang, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Rajesh H. Turakhia, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Larissa Falsarella, Dow Global Technologies LLC
  • Adam C. Colson, Dow Global Technologies LLC
A flooring coating composition includes a coating agent that is a reaction product of an epoxy based formulation, the epoxy based formulation being at least one of an epoxy prepolymer formulation, an epoxy-silane hybrid formulation, and an epoxy thiol acrylate formulation. The coating agent in a cured state exhibits a first tan delta peak between a first temperature range of 75 C to 0 C and a second tan delta peak between a second temperature range of 20 C and 75 C, according to a tan delta plot over a range of temperatures. A value of the first tan delta peak and a value of the second tan delta peak each represents a ratio of a loss modulus of the coating agent and a storage modulus of the coating agent at a specific temperature within the range of temperatures, as measured according to dynamic mechanical thermal analysis. The values of the first and the second tan delta peaks are from 0.10 to 0.80.
Publication Date
March 12, 2015
Citation Information
Venkat S. Minnikanti, Marcus Pfarherr, Eva-Maria Michalski, Kamesh R. Vyakaranam, et al.. "Coating Composition" (2015)
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