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Writing freedom: Nadine Gordimer and The New Yorker
Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive)
  • Anne A Collett, University of Wollongong
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Collett, A. A. (2011). Writing freedom: Nadine Gordimer and The New Yorker. In A. Oboe & S. Bassi (Eds.), Experiences of Freedom in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures (pp. 341-352). London: Routledge.

In an address given at the Durban Indian Teachers' Conference in December 1975, published as "A Writer's Freedom," Nadine Gordimer asked, "what is a writer's freedom?" and replied: To me it is his right to maintain and publish to the world a deep, intense, private view of the situation in which he finds his society. If he is to work as well as he can, he must take, and be granted, freedom from the public conformity of political interpretation, morals and tastes. (Gordimer, 1989:104)
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Anne A Collett. "Writing freedom: Nadine Gordimer and The New Yorker" (2011) p. 341 - 352
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